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The study has concluded and we are now analyzing data. You may still participate, but at this time you no longer have a chance to win the incentive.
We may conduct another survey on this website soon, so please return!

Here's how it works: You will complete a short questionnaire so we can know some important facts about you. It will also let us know if you are eligible to take the survey.

Next, we will show you a series of icons. You will be asked to type what you think the icon represents. You may submit as many answers as you wish. There are no right or wrong responses. There are 50 icons, and the survey should take about 10 to 15 minutes. Questions? Email us at

Win a $15 Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate!

We are giving away 6 certificates to participants. If you take our survey, you will be automatically entered in the drawing. Winners will receive an email from after the study concludes. The cards are usable in-store and online at

The first drawing is scheduled for July 10, 2009.

Win a Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate worth $15!

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